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Science-Based Skin Remedies 

The skincare line we use is organic, plant-powered, and made by hand. Each plant is grown and cared for on the Botnia micro-farm and each product is thoughtfully curated at the Botnia Lab in Sausalito, California. 
This allows our remedies in the treatment room and each ritual at home to be more potent and made fresh for you.

Facials: Treatments

Botanical Beauty Ritual 

After a thorough consultation we use an apothecary of organic & nutrient dense whole plant powders, tinctures, oils and hydrosols  to create personalized remedies at the time of service. Each treatment will address skin ailments for your unique needs, improving its health while leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished. 

Focusing on nervous system regulation and nurturing skins natural functions by encouraging circulation and lymphatic flow through intentional therapeutic touch, healing modalities, and deeply restorative aromatic experiences. While deeply cleansing and exfoliating we observe muscle tension. Where restrictions or stagnation are and where healthy flow is, all guiding toward a variety of advanced massage therapies including manual lymphatic drainage, connective tissue release, or acupressure. 

Each beauty ritual may include one or more healing modalities: Gua Sha, Facial Cupping, Reflexology, Hot or Cold Stones + Crystals,  High Frequency or LED Light Therapy 

60 Minutes | $135 

90 Minutes | $162

120 Minutes | $198


Gua Sha Beauty Ritual 

Experience the healing properties of Gua Sha. A Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that significantly moves stagnation through lymphatic drainage, increases circulation, and strengthens connectives tissues while firming, toning, lifting, and contouring the skin. 

A slow and steady technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system and allows you to slip in to a state of true rest. 

In addition to personalized Gua Sha protocols this beauty ritual includes a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation followed by a grounding foot massage utilizing reflexology. 

120 Minutes | $234

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