Homemade Skin Care


Science-Based Skin Remedies 

The line we use is organic, plant-powered, and made by hand. They grow and care for each plant on the Botnia micro-farm and lovingly create each product at the Botnia Lab in Sausalito, California. This allows our remedies in the treatment room and each ritual at home to be more potent and made fresh for you.


Botanical Beauty Facial 

This fully customized, apothecary treatment is designed to address your top concerns while improving skin's appearance and health. We hand pick whole plant enzymes, acids and products to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, advanced facial massage and a soothing hot or cold compress soaked in a custom botanical facial ‘tea’ to match your unique needs.

• UltraSonic Skin Scrubber, High Frequency, MYSKINBUDDY, or Rezenerate NanoNeedling devices may be used •

90 Minutes | $125

2 Hours | $155

| Coming Soon | Botanical Beauty Gua Sha Facial 

| Botanical Beauty Gua Sha |

Experience the healing and age defying properties of Gua Sha. A facial massage technique designed to promote lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, assist in firming, toning, lifting, and contouring the skin. A slow relaxing massage technique using Wildling Beauty’s & Green Beauty Academy's rituals to relieve tension and promote relaxation while targeting anti-aging at the same time.

90 Minutes | $165 

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